You don’t have to have a whole team of players to have fun with your Goalsetter Basketball System. These simple games are perfect for just one.

One Up Two Down

This score-keeping basketball game will help you polish your free throws and math skills. The concept is simple; for every shot you make, give yourself a single point. But if you miss, you take away two points. It doesn’t matter where you shoot from, but this is a great way to perfect your shooting from a troublesome position. Once you earn ten points, you’ve won. If you hit negative ten points, game over.

Five in a Row

The object of this game is to move as far away from the Goalsetter basket as possible. Start shooting at about six feet away from the goal. If you make five shots in a row, you can move one step away from the basket. Continue moving back from your Goalsetter basketball system, until you can’t go any further.

Around the World

Practice shooting from difficult spots with this revised version of the classic shooting game. Begin shooting from one side of the basket, only moving a new location with each successful shot. Travel across the key in an arc shape until you get to the opposite side of the goal. If you miss a shot, you only get one more chance to sink it or you have to go back to your starting position.