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At Rainbow Play Systems of Texas we know Play!

Browse our selection of swing set sizes, where you can find playsets ranging from entry level to truly monstrous! With hundreds of options, add-ons and accessories, Rainbow Play Systems offers thousands of design combinations.

Rainbow's Circus series is designed to be the "little Rainbow" when compared to their original Sunshine and Rainbow playsets. And for families looking for a bigger, bolder play experience, Rainbow's  Monster and King Kong series are built to wow.

Circus series playsets are built for value & with standard thickness construction detail. Circus swing sets are a great design for a smaller sized yard and are perfect for families with younger children.

The Sunshine is our #1 Best Selling swing set for three decades! Just like the Original Rainbow, but slightly scaled back, the Sunshine series is perfect for growing families.

Built to last a lifetime, our original Rainbow has become the gold standard in quality, safety and beauty for the playset industry. This Rainbow Play System has stood the test of time and is a true classic.

A truly monstrous swing set, Monster Clubhouses and Castles are built like a tank! A big kid’s dream, you must see our Monster series in person to truly appreciate its sheer size.

The King Kong series offers the absolute biggest Castle and Clubhouse playsets in America! Featuring endless customization possibilities, the King Kong is absolutely unbelievable!


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