It all began here in 1991.  Goalsetter Systems was the first to envision and build an in ground, height adjustable, regulation-size hoop system for residential and institutional use; an outdoor, adjustable, regulation-size hoop.  Goalsetter Systems sets the standard by which all other hoop systems are measured. Ballplayers, who are tall or short, young or old, beginner or experienced take advantage of Goalsetter System’s ability to adjust the rim height to develop and hone their basketball skills. Young ballplayers experience the joy and success of making a basket, while learning the proper way to shoot from the earliest age. Memories are made – and remembered – on a hoop system that performs like those found in high school, college, or the NBA.

Goalsetter Systems can proudly say that 100% of its hoop system is made in the heartland of the USA. Your questions will be answered by customer service personnel, who are only steps away from the system designers, the shop floor and the shop personnel that cut, weld, and assemble the hoop systems.  Goalsetter is made in Iowa and is demanded all around the world.  Competition-grade performance in the driveway and it will be the last basketball hoop you will purchase.

Every component of a Goalsetter Systems is selected for its ability to reach these goals:

  •          To deliver competition-grade performance
  •          To withstand the environment and the elements
  •          To stand the test of time of aggressive play

From the H-Frame backboard, to the patented internal Compression Height Adjustment mechanism, to the exclusive Hinged Ground-Anchor system, Goalsetter System is focused on building a basketball hoop system that will span generations. Despite claims to the contrary, there are no basketball hoops built like Goalsetter. Here are the reasons you need to buy a Goalsetter System:

  •          Responsive, Durable Backboards.
  •          Exclusive, Off-Set Pole.
  •          Compression Height Adjustment Mechanism.
  •          Greatest Rim Height Adjustment Range.
  •          Patented Hinged Ground Anchor System.
  •          Die-Formed Extension Arms.
  •          Toughest Rims.
  •          Superior Corrosion Resistance.
  •          The Toughest Warranty in Basketball.

The demand for the Goalsetter Systems basketball hoop has remained strong. As a result, the company’s strong finances and continuous improvement have allowed the company to keep 100% of the manufacturing for Goalsetter hoops inside the United States. The goals are manufactured just feet away from the teams who design the systems. This ability, unique among many brand manufacturers, allows Goalsetter Systems two things:

1) Outstanding quality control. The manufacturing quality standards of Goalsetter Systems  are unmatched by any competitor.

2) The quickest response to dealer and customer requests. Goalsetter Systems are sold around the world. Yet, they are still made near the original welding shop where the first prototype was built. Response to questions are immediate.

  With industry leading brands such as Goalsetter  Systems, Springfree Trampoline and Rainbow Play Systems and . Our dedication to quality and safety is unparalleled and our range of products and service is unrivaled. For those that appreciate the value of investing in the spirit of fun, there is no better choice than RPS of Texas.  Come visit one of  the six  showrooms in San Antonio, Austin, New Braunfels and Coprus Christi. Come choose your backyard fun!