A driveway or backyard with an outdoor Goalsetter Systems basketball hoop naturally becomes a gathering place for family and friends to build lasting memories and relationships. Having a durable basketball hoop means years of fun outdoor basketball. To get the most durable and reliable outdoor basketball hoop, consider an in-ground system. The Goalsetter Systems are the best choice among these type of systems on the market today. Here are five reasons why:

1. Goalsetter has In-Ground Systems

An in-ground system is more stable and durable than a portable hoop system. Once a good location is selected, it makes sense to make your basketball system a permanent feature in your yard. In the event of a move an in-ground Goalsetter Systems hoop can be removed from its anchor and re-installed at your new home.

2. Goalsetters are Adjustable

Owning an adjustable Goalsetter in ground basketball system provides options. Family members and friends of different heights and skill levels can all come together to enjoy the outdoor basketball hoop. Elementary aged children require a hoop between six and seven feet, junior leagues use eight to nine foot hoops and regulation / competitive play needs the rim at ten feet.

With that range to consider, it is important to be able to provide a safe and reliable adjustable basketball hoop. With an easy to use adjustment mechanism everyone can raise or lower the outdoor basketball hoop to their required height and enjoy play time. When choosing an adjustable hoop consider it’s features including the type of mechanism (compression vs. tension), ease of adjustment and if it has a locking mechanism. Goalsetter Signature goal systems have an internal, compression adjustment mechanism that can adjust the rim height six to ten feet.

3. Goalsetters Are Easy to Install and Move

It’s tempting to overlook this area when deciding on an in ground basketball system. Technically someone else can install your system for you; however for most families moving is a fact of life. Eventually most in-ground basketball systems will need to be moved for one reason or another.

Look for a system that allows you to assemble the hoop on the ground before swinging / pivoting it upright and securing it. This feature makes installation easier and requires only two or three people but no ladders or stepping stools. Easy installation will save you an installation fee and potential injury or frustration. Goalsetter Systems has an exclusive ground anchor hinge system that makes it the easiest to install goal system on the market.

4. Goalsetter Offers Safety and Stability

When you consider an in-ground system, pay careful attention to the anchor system provided. There are several types: j-bolt, direct bury, or ground anchor. Compare the block of cement depth and the steel components placed in the cement for keeping your basketball hoop upright. If the anchor materials are of lower quality there is a possibility that the outdoor basketball hoop may become unstable due to weather or wear. Select an anchor that is durable and strong. Goalsetter In-ground hoops are secured to their anchor system with five large, corrosion resistant bolts.

5. Goalsetters Are Durable

Buying an in-ground basketball system is an investment, and people expect their outdoor basketball hoop to stand the test of time and heavy play. Purchasing an adjustable basketball hoop with a strong one piece pole (minimum seven gauge, 3/16” thick), durable backboard (minimum 3/8” thick) and rim and adjustment mechanism will ensure many years of play.

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