Goalsetter Basketball

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Goalsetter Basketball

Goalsetter sets the standard by which all other hoop systems are measured. Ballplayers who are tall or short, young or old, beginner or experienced, can take advantage of Goalsetter’s ability to adjust the rim height to develop and hone their basketball skills.

Young ballplayers experience the joy and success of making a basket, while learning the proper way to shoot from the earliest age. Memories are made – and remembered – on a hoop system that performs like those found in high schools, colleges, or the NBA court.

Responsive, Durable Backboards Pro-grade 3/8” thick fully-tempered glass backboards are the same as those used in high schools, colleges, and NBA competitions.
Greatest Rim Height Adjustment Range Goalsetter’s 6ft to 10ft range of adjustment exceeds the competition.
Patented Hinged Ground Anchor System Unsurpassed ease and safety for installation — yet the most rock-solid foundation for a basketball hoop.
Superior Corrosion ResistanceGoalsetter hoops are painted with one coat primer and two coats of baked-on acrylic enamel versus one powder coated finish used by the competition.
Approved for DunkingGoalsetter's static and break-away rim styles are among the most durable on the market, with solid steel construction, baked powder-coat finish, expanded degree of flexibility, and one-piece continuous attachments.
No Dead Spots on Backboard Corners Goalsetter's 1-1/2" structural steel H-Frame design provides extra backboard stability and consistent ball response.

Competition-Grade Basketball Goals

As a world-leading basketball hoop manufacturer, Goalsetter Systems’ product line is unequaled in quality and integrity.

Goalsetter can proudly say that 100% of its hoop system is made in the heartland of the USA.

Every component of a Goalsetter basketball goal is selected for its ability to deliver competition-grade performance, withstand the environment and the elements, and to stand the test of time of aggressive play

From the H-Frame backboard, to the patented internal Compression Height Adjustment mechanism, to the exclusive Hinged Ground-Anchor system, Goalsetter is focused on building a basketball hoop system that will span generations.

A Goalsetter hoop stands the test of time and will bring fun and entertainment to players of all ages, sizes and competition levels. We invite you to experience how Goalsetter Systems has redefined home court basketball and will allow you to embrace the tradition of one of the greatest games ever created.

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