It’s no secret. Cleaning and kids don’t usually go well together. But what happens when the chores are stacking up and there are only so many hours in the day? All hands on deck we say! Here are five tips to get everyone involved in cleaning the trampoline and even some ideas for making it fun!

Wage a War on Dirt With a Water Fight

Your Springfree trampoline sits outside for years on end, copping all that Mother Nature has to offer. It’s a good idea to clean and hose the unit every so often to remove any build up of dirt and grime.

At Springfree, we recommend the trampoline care kit. The mat wash is specially formulated to ensure that the mat on your trampoline stays in great condition and remains soft and supple year after year.

Easy to use, just apply a small amount of wash mixed with water and brush over the mat with a soft broom. Be a little bit careful whilst the mat is soapy as it can get slippery.

Then the fun part starts, get the hose out and hose it down!  This is a great chance to have some fun with the kids and wage war in the form of a water fight. Get the family involved, including the older ones, and have a bit of fun while performing what could’ve been a mundane job.

The zip lubricant in the care pack  is a non-toxic lubricant that will keep your zipper moving smoothly, even when used by little hands. Apply a drop to the top section of the zip and rub down the length of the zip. Run the zip pull up and down the length of the zipper a few times to help the product penetrate… it’s also great on your tent zippers and other outdoor gear.

Be sure to clean underneath the mat and frame, cleaning off any build up that may have occurred. Steer away from any harsh chemicals or chemical based soaps that could corrode the material.

Cleaning Your Springfree Trampoline Competition

Everyone loves a little bit of healthy competition, especially kids! Use this to your advantage by taking what would have been a big job one your own and making it fun for the whole family. Depending on the task at hand your competition or mission (if you choose to accept it) can change, but we suggest something like:

  • Most leaves picked up in 5 minutes wins, or what about
  • First person to clean down their assigned section of the mat chooses the movie to watch that night!

Be creative and think outside the box with this one.

Give the Kids Ownership of the Springfree Trampoline

It’s amazing how far a bit of responsibility can go, especially with the younger ones. This is a great chance to teach time management and work ethic along with keeping on top of some important chores.

Assign certain cleaning jobs to each child, like maybe checking the rods are in working order, making sure nothing is stuck up underneath the mat and clearing any toys away.


You know that song that makes the kids go nuts whenever it comes on the radio? Well how about turning it from something that makes your skin crawl to something that can start working for you!

  1. Get the kids in the backyard.
  2. Crank up the music.
  3. Go nuts with the cleaning and tidying.

Create some energy and an atmosphere where cleaning can be fun and not just hard work!


When in doubt, reach for the rewards. If you think about it, would you go to work if you knew you were never getting paid? Probably not. So why would your kids be enthusiastic about doing jobs and not seeing any benefit?

Don’t be afraid to present rewards. It’s not accepting defeat, it’s a creative way to offer value in your kids’ hard work.

It also doesn’t have to cost you any money; it can be as simple as choosing what’s for dinner or getting to stay up a bit later than normal.

As important it is to keep your trampoline clean and in good working order it’s also important to have fun and enjoy some family time. These ideas can really help turn something that you dread in to a task that you might just find yourself looking forward to.

If you want more information about caring for your trampoline, visit the Springfree website today!