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Dual Bolt Construction Dual bolted construction detail throughout the play structure creates tremendous rigidity at the connection points for a vastly more stable structure.
Durability Rainbow’s exclusive 10-step waterseal process always provides a consistent finish for a beautiful swing set.
Angled Safety Ladders Rainbow’s swing set climbing ladders are angled for easier, safer climbing.
Sturdy & Safe Swing Set All Rainbow swing sets are built on a wide base design and the equilateral triangle; the deck height never exceeds the width of the base of the fort.
Recessed & Safety Capped Hardware All Rainbow Play Systems swing set hardware is recessed and capped to protect active, little bodies from scrapes, scratches and clothing hang ups.
Vertical Spindle Safety Rails Parents appreciate vertical slats because they prevent youngsters from climbing upwards. We use thick 2″ x 3″ boards which are attractively turned 90º to permit greater play supervision as well as allowing the natural surroundings behind the play structure to be seen.
Full 1″ Thick Rope Utilizing a full 1″ diameter rope creates an easy to grab rope, very large knots, eliminates tangling & provides added safety for climbing or swinging.
Big Beam Construction Rainbow Play Systems are engineered to be rock solid and the foundation of our design is the abundance of big beam construction. Massive 4″ x 4″ & 4″ x 6″ timbers are utilized as structural components.

Building Childhood Memories

Rainbow Play Systems is America’s most trusted brand name for over one million families and counting.

Since 1985 Rainbow has been committed to manufacturing the world’s finest play equipment and assisting families like yours in “Building Childhood Memories”. For nearly three decades our extensive range of products has set the industry bench mark by which all others are compared. With over one million swings sets in backyards around the world, there is no wonder why we are the most trusted name in play!


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