Commercial Play


Commercial Play

For the best value in commercial play look no further than the world’s largest manufacturer of wooden playground equipment — Rainbow Play Systems. We are committed to quality and safety wherever children play and for over 20 years that has included commercial applications for area parks, schools, churches, daycare centers, and more.

Durability Rainbow’s exclusive 10-step waterseal process always provides a consistent finish for a beautiful swing set.
Angled Safety Ladders Rainbow’s swing set climbing ladders are angled for easier, safer climbing.
Sturdy & Safe Swing Set All Rainbow swing sets are built on a wide base design and the equilateral triangle; the deck height never exceeds the width of the base of the fort.
Recessed & Safety Capped Hardware All Rainbow Play Systems swing set hardware is recessed and capped to protect active, little bodies from scrapes, scratches and clothing hang ups.

Commercial Play

Perfect for communities, schools, churches, daycares, apartment complexes, campgrounds and more!

Rainbow commercial play systems lets you build trust and confidence in the eyes of parents. Create a safe play zone for your community’s children and peace of mind for you. Rainbows meet or exceed all state and federal safety guidelines while providing an environment where a child’s imagination can soar.

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