Designed For Kids by Coaches

In 1991, two basketball coaches in Pella, Iowa first imagined the benefits of height adjustable, regulation-size basketball hoops. Dennis Steenhoek and Denny Brand believed that height-adjustable basketball goals would let young players experience the joy and success of making a basket, while learning to shoot properly at the earliest age.

With adjustable basketball hoops, young athletes could begin developing genuine skills earlier in their lives, capturing years of skill training on real systems, rather than waiting to grow to a sufficient height. As players’ heights increased, the height of the goal could be adjusted too. And, most importantly, the coaches knew that the outdoor goals should last long enough to stick with the players as they grew up.

The First Outdoor, Height-Adjustable Regulation-Size Hoop

Among the first to imagine an adjustable basketball goal, Steenhoek and Brand were the first to attempt to build a height-adjustable, regulation-size system for outdoor use. In fact, their first twelve attempts in a garage were unsuccessful. On the thirteenth try, they enlisted the help of master welder Dale Brand.

In one 24-hour welding session, Dale built the original Goalsetter system prototype, known today as the MVP. This system’s design, still nearly original to the first prototype, is sold today by Goalsetter as part of their Signature Series. Popular since the beginning, the MVP maintains its position today as the #1 seller for Goalsetter in the institutional basketball market.

Goalsetter Basketball Hoops Still Made in the U.S.A.

While Steenhoek and Denny Brand worked to build the Goalsetter name, Dale Brand’s own company, Co-Line Manufacturing, grew as a leader in welding and metal works. Co-Line has manufactured parts for Fortune 500 companies, including Ford, General Motors and Kawasaki.

In 2006, Steenhoek and Denny Brand sold their winning Goalsetter brand and patents to Co-Line Manufacturing (still owned by member of Dale Brand’s family) making Goalsetter a flagship category in the Co-Line Manufacturing business.

Today, Goalsetter basketball hoops are designed and manufactured in rural Iowa in a world-class, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility employing highly-trained team members who are devoted to the product’s continuous improvement. The fully-tempered glass for the backboards comes from Tennessee. All other major components are made by Goalsetter or sourced from North America. All Goalsetters are assembled near the original Iowa home of Goalsetter basketball goals.

Goalsetter/Co-Line is proud to be an American company rooted firmly in Iowa. Employees bring the best of the midwest to their jobs: a strong work ethic, pride in craftsmanship, and dedication to excellence in all they do.