Springfree Trampolines made classic trampoline fun interactive in May 2016 with the release of their new tgoma gaming system. tgoma stands for “take gaming outside and make it active.” Springfree featuring tgoma harnesses the growing passion for interactive gaming and competition, taking it outside and making it a physical activity.

By combining the benefits of Springfree Trampoline’s high-quality and safety-conscious patented design with tgoma’s unique outdoor digital gaming system, Springfree featuring tgoma elevates the backyard experience for users of all ages.

tgoma is currently available exclusively for Springfree Trampolines and is fully integrated into all new models. For current Springfree Trampoline owners, tgoma is also available as a separate accessory. Here’s a list of all the app features and games that Springfree owners can enjoy with the tgoma gaming unit.

Springfree tgoma games

Feature: In-App Notifications

Discover the newest games and competitions with in-app notifications! To see the latest events in your area, click on the New & Events box in the tgoma app.

Feature: International Gaming

The tgoma game system gives you the opportunity to compete against jumpers all over the world! You  could be competing for the top score on Alien Stomp in the USA, or participating in a friendly USA vs. Canada Fruitants challenge, or taking part in a world challenge to see how fast the tgoma community can reach 3+ million jumps (we have currently already done over 2.5 million jumps!).

Educational Games

Game: Repeat Street

Hop down Repeat Street with the rabbit as he encourages children to join him with counting, alphabet, colors and shapes. If the child stops jumping, the rabbit stops and waits to continue. Encourage children to repeat along with the rabbit as they jump, tapping into the power of repetition to help them learn.

Game: Math Hopper

Math Hopper is the perfect introduction to mathematics for young users. Ten levels include counting, addition, subtraction and multiplication activities. Movement unlocks the brain and Math Hopper is exer-learning at its very best.

Fitness Games

Game: tgomaFit

Transform the trampoline into an interactive exercise experience and access jump stats, set goals and view energy burned – perfect for parents and kids alike. Exercise along with a professional trampoline coach, and watch your calories burn in real-time. Choose from 26 trampoline exercises or select a preset workout. Skip the gym, and exercise at home with core workouts, aerobic routines and more.

Game: Free Bounce

Like tgomaFit, Free Bounce shows users their personal jump data in real-time. The fun footprints display jumps on the mat at the same time the tracker shows how many jumps, calories burned, the total height jumped as well as the time spent jumping. Use this data to create your own family jumping challenges!

Fun Games

Game: Stickers

Designed for younger jumpers to create shapes and sounds, Stickers is a free-play app. Jump around the trampoline to make colorful stickers on screen. Sound effects and imagery make this an enchanting app for your youngest jumpers.

Game: Whatzat?

Whatzat? encourages young jumpers to create their own games with engaging themes. Jump to reveal a roaring dinosaur, a farmyard animal, a vehicle or a cute kitten. Adorable pictures and sounds provide hours of fun for young jumpers as they play “Do Duck-Cow-Duck” or “Collect all the dinosaurs.”

Game: Alien Stomp

Based on the classic fairground whack-a-mole game, Alien Stomp features 20 levels of alien-stomping fun. Be quick; these aliens disappear as fast as the appear.

Game: Fruitants

Designed for older kids to overcome challenges through mutant melons and grumpy grapes, Fruitants shows users their personal jump data in real-time. The fun footprints display jumps on the mat at the same time the tracker show how many jumps, calories burned, the total height jumped as well as the time spent jumping. Us this data to create your own family jumping challenges.

Game: 2048

Ideal for older jumpers and adults to exercise the body while exercising the mind, the 2048 game’s objective is to create the number 2048 using additions of the number two and its various multiples, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, and 1,024. Combine two matching numbers to create the next multiple and so on until you reach 2,048.

Game: Ditto

Love matching games? Ditto! This is the tgoma version of the classic card matching game. The segments flip when you jump on them, revealing one of hundreds of funky images to pair up. Memorize where the pairs are and you’re heading for a high score. Pairs are made by jumping around the trampoline to move the paddle to the segment you think is a match.
Get those synapses firing with a memory game the whole family will love!

Game: Pop

Pop will keep you active for hours! It’s so much fun you’ll want to pop ‘til you drop! Jump on balloons to pop them. Pop the friendly blimps and use their payloads for popping extra balloons, but make sure you don’t pop the pirate blimp – you’ll lose points if you do!

Game: Ambit

Imagine the classic Pong game…in a circle…on a trampoline. That’s the engaging fun of Ambit. Jump to rotate the paddle to stop the ball from leaving the boundary of the trampoline. Sound easy? It is until the ball speeds up! This simple game is addictively compelling and provides hours of fun for all ages.

The tgoma app is now available to download for free from App Store or Google Play.