Two questions that Springfree Trampoline shoppers often ask are:

  1. How can I keep birds from perching on top of my Flexinet?
  2. How do I keep leaves off my Springfree?

Springfree polled their customers on Facebook and Twitter and these were the top suggestions that satisfied Springfree owners recommend.

To Keep The Birds Away…

  • Fake (plastic) snakes or owls. Leaving a plastic snake on the trampoline when not in use will help. We suggest moving it around, so the birds don’t learn it’s not a threat.
  • Cable ties with the ends sticking up. Birds won’t be able to perch as easily.
  • A scarecrow
  • Tinsel or tin foil – the metallic color scares the birds away (unless you have a magpie problem)!
  • Get your kids to go for a jump! Need we say more?

To Keep The Leaves Off…

  • When not in use, place a tarp or shade cloth over the mat. As you pull it out to jump, any leaves, sticks and debris will slide out too!
  • Lay an old sheet over the trampoline when it’s not in use. This will work similar to a tarp, but water will drip through instead of pooling in the centre when it rains. If it’s spread out enough, it should dry in the sun too.
  • Keep a dustpan and brush handy, that lives somewhere near the trampoline. The kids can give it a quick sweep up before they jump!
  • Make sure your trampoline isn’t under any overhanging tree branches – we recommend a lateral height clearance of 20 feet for a Springfree Trampoline – this is much safer, and will also reduce the amount of leaves and sticks that fall onto your trampoline.

If you have these issues with your Springfree Trampoline, hopefully one of these tips will do the trick!