Rainbow Play Systems has an enormous selection of options, add-ons, and accessories for their swing sets. You can explore all of their options for swinging, add-ons for sliding, accessories to spark your child’s imagination, options for climbing, and more!

Redwood Swing Sets – Options & Accessories

The Universal Options include the primary play activities: Swinging, Climbing, Sliding, and Fort Fun Imagination!

Explore Rainbow’s wide range of swinging options starting at the toddler stage all the way up to an adult.

  • Commercial Full Bucket Swing that is perfect for the little ones
  • Sling Swings that are perfect for the toddlers that are just starting to learn how to pump their legs and get going all on their own
  • The Adult Lawn Swings is perfect for the parents to enjoy
  • Gliders, Tire Swings, Trapeze/Triangles Combo, Knotted Rope with Disc, and Buoy Balls

Rainbow has many crawling and climbing options too.

  • Your kids can enjoy crawling through a 5’ or 10’ Crawl Tunnel
  • Or maybe simply walking across a Billy Goat Bridge
  • They also have Monkey Bars that can be added to your swing set
  • You can add Shimmy Bars, Ring Trek or a Chin Up Bar to your Monkey Bar
  • Add a Penthouse to the top of your Monkey Bar for a little hide out
  • There are also different options to add to your Penthouse to make it even more fun

Rainbow has many imagination sparking fort fun options too.

  • They can perch on the Crow’s Nest and look through our Binoculars or telescope
  • It’s always fun to peek out the extended bubble panel
  • Your kids can enjoy talking through or Megaphone or Talk Tube, driving the ship with our Ship’s Wheel, or playing Tic-Tac-Toe with a brother/sister or friend

Rainbow has a variety of different slide options to choose from as well.

  • They range from a 10’ Double Wall Wave Slide to a 15’ Super Scoop Slide
  • You can also choose from one of their tube slides: Straight Tube Slide, Spiral Slide or a 90° Tube Slide

Rainbow even has separate options available for their Castle and Clubhouse Designs.

  • We have a couple swinging options that are available for underneath the deck, these include a Race Car Tire, Regular Tire Swing, or Swinging Tentslides for swing sets
  • You can also add a Cabin Package or a Jacob’s Rope Ladder
  • You can choose to make your Clubhouse into a Lower-Level Playhouse for a little hide out for the kids
  • You can add a Dream Theatre w/ stools and have the kids put on a puppet show
  • Or maybe add a Lemonade stand, Draw Bridge, Dual Ship’s Wheel Station, Picnic Table, or a Sandbox

Rainbow carries some stand-alone options you may want to purchase for additional items for your kids to enjoy.

  • Stand-alone options include:
  • Sandbox
  • Deluxe Sandbox
  • Removable Picnic Table
  • Free Standing Swing Beam
  • Cozy Picnic Table
  • Playhouse Design 1
  • Playhouse Design 2

Cedar Swing Sets – Options & Accessories

Rainbow has a massive assortment of options available for their Cedar swing sets product lines, which include the Super Funhouse, Fiesta, Circus, Carnival, and Turbo Series swing sets. Browse the options below and contact your local showroom to find out which options are available for each model.

Fiesta Castle/Clubhouse Options

All four of the primary play activities are included: swing, climbing, sliding and a fun fort. Available with:

  • Scoop Slide
  • Wave Slide
  • All Swing Beam variations
  • All Roof and color combinations

Circus Castle/Clubhouse Options

Rainbow’s Circus Castle and Clubhouse can expand with Monkey Bars, Penthouse & 270° Spiral Slide. Available with:

  • All Slide variations
  • All Swing Beam variations
  • All Roof variations and color combinations

Carnival Castle/Clubhouse Options

The Carnival Castle and Clubhouse have full access to all available options, add-ons and accessories that are in the Cedar Catalog. The Carnival Clubhouse also has access to unique options including:

  • Lower Level Playhouse
  • Ramp
  • Upper Level Cabin

Turbo Castle/Clubhouse Options

Rainbow’s Turbo Castle and Clubhouse also has full access to all available options, add-ons and accessories. All roof choices and color combinations are available.

With a limitless design freedom, there are literally hundreds of play system variations that can be created. The Rainbow experts at our showrooms can guide you through the design process and help you make your child’s dream come true. If you can dream it, we can build it.