Rainbow Play Systems is one of the trusted leaders in wooden swing sets because of their commitment to quality and safety. With Rainbow Play Systems swing sets, you can rest assured that every safety consideration has been tested, evaluated and tested again before ever reaching the finished swing set.

Heavy-Duty Safety

Rainbow Play Systems are constructed from only the finest materials. Their original redwood line includes 100% certified responsibly-sourced California redwood timber. It features heavy-duty hardware to keep your family safe.

  • Commercial-grade hardware
  • Dual-bolt construction
  • Heavy-gauge dipped safety chains
  • Angled safety ladders
  • One-inch thick rope
  • Interlocking notched-beam construction.

Their massive solid-beam structures are held in place with recessed hardware and safety caps, and all Rainbow play surfaces are fastener-free. This keeps little arms and legs from getting caught on protruding hardware.

Trustworthy Materials

Rainbow’s new line of cedar swing sets are made with 100% solid Imported Cedar, also known as Chinese Fir or Cunninghamia Lanceolata. They do not use any glued timber in their imported play equipment line. Rainbow’s use of solid timbers in key structural areas (main support members, swing beams, swing beam support legs) assure that no safety or quality is compromised in their imported cedar sets.

Built to Adapt

Rainbow swing sets are designed to last a lifetime, while giving your child the wishes-come-true place to run, jump, and play that their heart desires. Their lifetime warranty includes all redwood components.* And as your child grows, Rainbow accessories can be swapped out to include more age-appropriate activities.

For homes with less-than-level yards, Rainbow has developed an exclusive line of extensions and specially designed swing set accessories for unlevel yards.

We know you’re a parent whose number one priority is your child’s safety. You’ll be happy to learn that at Rainbow, that’s our priority too!

* Rainbow’s Lifetime Warranty includes all Redwood wood components. Excludes all seasonal checks, surface cracks, knot holes and knots in the wood components. All scoop slides, “Rainbow“ Wave Slides, Crawl Tunnels, Panel Mounts and Crow’s Nests are included in the Lifetime Warranty. The Commercial-Grade Swing hangers, Tire Swing Swivels, Structural Bolts, Vinyl Coated Swing Beam Plate, Brackets, Handles, and Climbing Rungs are also covered in the Lifetime Warranty.