Commercial Playground Equipment – Taft

Taft 1

Commercial Playground Equipment – Taft

Rainbow Play Systems - Commercial


Dimensions 30' 10" x 29' 3" Safety Zone
Deck Height 84"

The Taft combines four of our best overhead climbers into one versatile play system. These different pathways allow kids to climb however they want, and makes the structure accessible from all sides for multiple kids to enjoy it at once. Each of them provides a great source of upper body and agility exercise, as well as some unique challenges. The Overhead Horizontal Ladder is a standard item of playground equipment, whose instant familiarity will attract kids to the Taft right away. The Overhead Horizontal Snake Ladder takes the same classic structure and gives it a twist, with alternating turns that encourage kids to switch hands as they climb. The Overhead Rung Ladder has hanging shapes with lower bars that may be easier for short children to reach. Lastly, there is an Overhead Single Parallel Bar for a unique challenge that puts strength to the test.

  • ADA Accessibility w/ 4 elevated components and 1 ground level component
  • Child Capacity: 12 to 16
  • Suitable for ages 5 to 12
  • Safety Zone: 30' 10" x 29' 3"

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