Commercial Playground Equipment – Garfield

Garfield 4

Commercial Playground Equipment – Garfield

Rainbow Play Systems - Commercial


Dimensions 26' 8" x 25' 7" Safety Zone
Deck Height 48"
Slide Length 3.5'
Swing Beam Height n/a

Kids will have a blast scaling to the top and racing down the double slide with the Garfield play structure. Ideal for both younger and older children, the Garfield play structure features an assortment of fabulous activities, including the nautical sea-creature and ocean climbers, as well as the pod climber. Children can use these dynamic accessories to reach Garfield play structure’s different platforms. And thankfully, the Garfield play structure boasts a sprawling and safe layout, so children can race one another to the bottom… and the top again! It features an array of interactive items, like the gear panel, rain wheel, and bench panel, making it great for children of varying interests. Quick ship is available for this item in either the neutral or primary color palettes, with more options available in additional palettes. The rain wheel on the ground level makes the structure ADA compliant and a great choice for children of all ability levels. The Garfield play structure is sure to provide years of adventure for kids of all ages!

  • ADA Accessibility w/ 5 elevated components and 2 ground level component
  • Child Capacity: 24 to 28
  • Suitable for ages 2 to 12
  • Safety Zone: 26' 8" x 25' 7"

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