On January 15th, the Gainesville, Florida police department received a noise complaint from angry neighbors who had a group of teenagers loudly shooting hoops on a portable basketball goal. What GPD did next may surprise you.

Police Pick Up Game

Rather than ask the noisy street basketball players to disperse and head home, Officer Bobby White told the “offenders” that he didn’t see a problem with their behavior and even took a few shots himself.

The officer played a quick pickup game with the kids. As he played, more and more kids gathered for the game. Before leaving, White warned the kids that he would be back the following day with backup.

GPD released video of the dash cam to the public, and it quickly went viral. You can view it here.

Shaq is the Ultimate Backup

On January 23, Officer White’s backup arrived. Retired pro basketball player Shaquille O’Neal saw the viral video and heard that Officer White was planning to bring backup to challenge the kids to a street game. Shaq joined White and a team of GPD players to surprise the young b-ball lovers in a quick game.

Shaquille O'Neal Gainsville PD

Play is Not Noise

In a response to the original caller of the noise complaint, GPD made the following statement:

In the midst of the saga of “Basketball Cop” Bobby White, we would, in fact like to thank the original caller that made the noise complaint. They’re the real MVP. Without their call….none of this would have happened.
PS – Hope we weren’t too loud yesterday. Shaq has big lungs.

How big are Shaq’s lungs? Check out this video.

Here at Rainbow Play Systems of Texas, one of our favorite songs is the music of children at play. We applaud the GPD and O’Neall for supporting Gainesville’s youngest citizens’ right to play.

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