Goalsetter Basketball System’s hinged anchor in-ground basketball goals allows for complete assembly of your new outdoor basketball hoop before raising the pole upright, for safe and easy installation.

Uniquely Strong Anchors

Other in-ground basketball goals largely rely on a J-bolt ground attachment consisting of four small J-shaped pieces of metal that protrude no more than 24 inches into the ground. However, Goalsetter ground anchors start with a solid 42-inch chunk of heavy-duty, Made In America steel.

Uniquely Easy Assembly

With traditional goals, you physically have to lift the pole up above the anchor, position it just right, and then bolt it down to the J-bolt anchor. This is then followed by various trips up and down a ladder to affix the backboard, extension arms and hoop to the pole.

With Goalsetter’s hinged ground anchor system, you can assemble the pole, extension arms and backboard from the safety of the ground. Then is it a simple matter of aligning the pole to the anchor using their simple hinge mechanism. Then the pole can be walked into an upright position, secured with a bolt, and you’re ready to play ball. There’s no need for ladders or scaffolding to assemble a Goalsetter and it can usually be accomplished by as few as two people.

Better In-Ground Basketball Goals

Goalsetter basketball hoops are not only easier to install with stronger, safer parts, but are also considered the standard by which all other hoop systems are measured. Goalsetter’s exclusive hinged ground anchors are compatible with any Goalsetter Basketball System and are available in 4, 5 or 6-inch diameters.

Experience the ease of Goalsetter in-ground basketball goals today by visiting your local Rainbow Play Systems of Texas showroom.