In an attempt to make trampolines safer, many trampoline manufacturers have followed in Springfree Trampoline’s footsteps by adding a safety net to their product. And while it’s true that all Springfree Trampolines come with safety nets, the makers of the World’s Safest Trampoline don’t limit themselves to any ordinary net.

Traditional trampolines with nets use steel poles to support a rigid net. Jumpers can collide with the steel pole and injure themselves. And if these nets are on the exterior of the jumping surface, they can also slide down the net and land on the frame and springs.

Unlike other trampolines, Springfree’s patented FlexiNet enclosure has flexible supports to cushion jumpers and prevent falls. Traditional enclosures might stop jumpers falling off the trampoline if the net doesn’t rip, but in doing so, their net either directs the jumper into rigid steel poles or straight down onto the hard metal springs and frame.

Instead of steel poles, Springfree uses flexible curved net rods. The jumper cannot make contact with the flexi rods. And FlexiNet is designed to be impact absorbing, flexing and guiding wayward jumpers back to the center of the trampoline instead of directing them down onto the edge.

Springfree Trampoline also uses a unique “raschel” knitting technology with a fine mesh. Unlike old style enclosure nets, small holes or cuts do not ‘run’ into large tears. And a finer mesh means that small fingers and toes won’t get tangled up in the weave.

The Springfree FlexiNet is also zippered to ensure jumpers can’t fall through the opening, and with a lock, parents can control who has access to the trampoline and when.

Springfree Trampoline incorporates tons of different design details to make sure that your family is safe while having fun on the trampoline. And it’s these little details that work together to eliminate 90 percent of all product-related trampoline injuries on a Springfree.

Visit your local showroom today to try out a Springfree Trampoline for yourself and see just how safe they are.