Christmas is fast approaching. If your children received a Rainbow Play System from Santa last year, this year’s Advent season is the perfect time to maintain and expand your current play set to renew that Christmas morning feeling for your family all over again.

What is Advent?

Advent is the season observed by many Christian churches leading up to the Christmas holiday. While Advent has its roots in the Christian faith, the excitement of a countdown to Christmas can easily be a secular celebration as well.

Advent is traditionally observed during the four weeks leading up to December 25th, with each week marking a different message of faith. In 2015, the four Advent Sundays are November 29, December 6, December 13, and December 20.

There are many ways to mark the Advent season. Some families light an Advent wreath, with a candle lit each week to focus on liturgical teachings. Other families enjoy a daily treat dispensed from an Advent calendar, with a tiny toy or candy enjoyed each day as they mark a countdown to Christmas.

Expanding Your Rainbow Play System for Advent

If you’re already an owner of a Rainbow Play System, Advent is the perfect time of year to treat your children to the excitement of a Rainbow all over again. Most Rainbows are expandable systems, meaning your playground equipment can be built upon and expanded to include additional accessories as your child grows. And since what may be fun for your toddler may not be as exciting for your grade-school-age child, you can swap out segments of your play system to make your Rainbow more age appropriate.

A fun way to mark the passing of the Advent season would be to choose one upgrade or replacement for each week of Advent and share that with your child during the weeks leading up to Christmas. For example, a Ship’s Wheel on November 29th, a Telescope on December 6th and so on.

Since it’s been a year since you purchased your Rainbow Play System, this is also a great time to consider routine maintenance for your system, including staining the wood and tightening bolts and connectors. Rainbow Play Systems of Texas offers various maintenance packages that include the installation of new Rainbow accessories at no additional cost.

To learn more about maintaining and expanding your Rainbow Play System for Advent, visit your local Rainbow Play System of Texas showroom today.