After investing in a Goalsetter basketball goal, there are a few steps you’ll want to take to keep your purchase performing perfectly for years to come. These four tips will help you properly care for and maintain your equipment for future family members to enjoy.

1. Replace the net when necessary.

Basketball nets experience a lot of wear and tear, and harsh weather can eventually breakdown the fibers. When it is time to give the old net the heave-ho, be sure to replace it with a net that has a similar quality to your old one. Your original net was crafted to meet the performance level of the rest of your goal. Downgrading your replacement equipment can diminish the performance of your whole system.

Basketball nets are easy to purchase online. If you’re not sure what kind of replacement net to buy, consult a Goalsetter dealer.

2. Keep it clean.

Routine cleaning can keep dirt from building up on your backboard and goal pole. Avoid corrosive cleansers like bleach because they can eventually cause pitting on painted metal surfaces. Instead, use milder cleansers like you would use on your automobile.

For glass backboards, a glass cleaner of white vinegar and water is a great choice. However, for acrylic, go for something even milder, like Dawn dishwashing liquid. Once you’ve given your backboard a good scrub with a soft rag, dry your backboard with a squeegee to eliminate streaks.

3. Respect the warranty.

Most basketball hoops come with warranty guidelines clearly outlining what is and is not covered. Follow any care and maintenance recommendations contained within the warranty, because not following these guides can result in your warranty becoming void.

As soon as your new Goalsetter system is installed, set a reoccurring maintenance reminder in your digital calendar. This way, you won’t have to remember when you should next service your basketball goal.

4. Don’t leave them hanging.

Sure, reenacting your favorite NBA slam dunk can be fun, but extended hanging from the rim of your basketball goal can damage even the strongest pro-grade system. Nobody wants a bent rim or busted rim springs. Plus, this kind of activity is another way to void your warranty.

Encourage your kids to develop their own victory dance instead. It’s a lot less wear on rim.

Learn more about Goalsetter basketball systems on the Rainbow Play Systems of Texas website.