By Autumn Rose Reo,

I remember the first day we woke up in our house 10 years ago and thought “wow, what should we do with all this yard!”

We wanted a place to host our friends. We wanted a comfortable place to enjoy warm summer days and cool autumn nights. We wanted a place where we could create memories as a family to last us a lifetime. So of course we thought about a pool, a new patio, a sunroom, and a firepit with tons of seating . . . then we had kids.

Everything changes when you have kids, but especially the way you use a backyard.

All of a sudden, you find yourself building Angry Birds Walls, throwing birthday parties with Mickey Mouse, and filling up water balloons for your Little Mermaid Party.

We also knew we wanted to invest in something bigger to add to our backyard for our family to enjoy and would last for a long time. We are so excited that we have our Springfree Trampoline! Not only has our house become a destination for neighborhood playdates, but the answer to so many goals we wanted even as a young couple but now as a bigger family.

With our Springfree Trampoline our backyard has become the hotspot for campouts, the neighborhood drive-in movie choice, the workout center, the family activity center and much, much more.

Here are a just a few ways our Springfree Trampoline has made our backyard better:

It Gets Us Outdoors

Love the idea of the open air and sleeping under a blanket of stars? With our Springfree Trampoline, there wasn’t hours of packing and setting up a campsite. With only the ask, the kids can grab their sleeping bags and be on the trampoline, ready for their campout!

It Allows Us To Enjoy Each Other

When we want to just do something together, it’s as easy as walking outside. We have battles all the time to see who can jump the highest or tickle wars on our Springfree Trampoline. And there are many musicals and talent shows my husband and I have had front seats to as we watched the kids perform on the Springfree Trampoline. No matter what, we’re always smiling and the Springfree Trampoline is always there for us.

It Keeps Us From Being Bored

“Mom, I’m bored” were three words I never wanted to hear and with our Springfree Trampoline we always have options. Whether we’re grabbing sidewalk chalk to draw or throwing the sprinkler under the trampoline for some water fun, my kids always have something to do that’s not in front of a screen!

It Makes it Fun to Go Play

I remember the first time we drove up to the house after school pickup and the kids just rushed out of the car, leaving their backpacks and everything else behind to go straight to our Springfree. It made me so happy that they wanted to go do something together, outside and made them active. Plus with so many games and activities to do with their tgoma, there is always something new to play!

It Makes Being Fit More Fun

While I love that the kids are having fun on the Springfree Trampoline, I secretly love it even more that they are exercising while they’re doing it! With a child with a heart defect, having him keep his heart strong in less impactful ways is the utmost importance to me and with a young daughter I want her see that exercise is a part of life. And let’s be honest, it’s not just them, it’s for me too. tgomaFit makes it fun for me to get out there and move without worrying about what pavement can do to my knees, all while burning calories! We’re keeping fit as a family and we don’t even need to pay a monthly membership!

Now as we look at our next chapter for our family, we are sad to say goodbye to the home that began our sweet family. While we wish that our big backyard could go with us, we’ll leave it for another family to love and build their own memories. But thankfully, our beloved Springfree Trampoline will be coming with us! With just a call to the Springfree team, our trampoline will be packed up and reinstalled at our new home so we can create new fun moments for our family in our new backyard.

About Autumn Rose Reo,

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