Playhouses are a great way to encourage your child to abandon the electronics and play outside. But these miniature houses are more than fun, they also help your children develop socially and physically. Here are three ways that a playhouse can help your child grow up happy and healthy.

1. Playhouses encourage imaginative play.

We’ve discussed the importance of imaginative play in our blog before, and it remains an essential skill-building activity for children. What may seem like a fun game of make-believe to us, is hard work for kids. Children develop scenarios and then go through a trial and error process to learn how to properly interact during those scenarios.

Imaginative play lets children test out their decision-making process in a safe environment, so they can self-regulate in social situations later in life. Playhouses provide a starting prop for your child to begin this developmental improv.

2. Playhouses boost general health.

A 2009 study showed that 70 percent of American children don’t get enough vitamin D. Drinking milk only takes you so far though, because the human body only makes vitamin D when it is exposed to sunlight. Outdoor play combined with dietary vitamin D is one of the best ways for children to achieve healthy levels of vitamin D.

Low vitamin D levels increase a child’s risk of developing heart disease later in life and puts them at risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

3. A playhouse strengthens fine motor skills.

During imaginative play, children also develop better fine motor skills. Think about the physical action of changing the diaper on a baby doll. As they act out this parental process, the child works to master control of their tiny fingers as they secure the cloth diaper. Just like changing real diapers, with enough practice they become a pro at it.

Bonus: Playhouses improve the financial and sentimental value of a home.

While a playhouse offers your child tons of benefits, it’s nice to know that Mom and Dad can get something out of it as well. The appeal of many childhood hours spent in a backyard playhouse shows potential buyers that your home is a happy one, which can be tipping point for home buyers looking to make an investment. Additionally, as the children out grow their playhouse, the structure can be transformed into additional storage for garden tools or whatever you need.

At Rainbow Play Systems of Texas, each of our playhouses are handcrafted using old world Amish craftsmanship, wit the same materials used in new home construction. So, it is easy to find a playhouse style that matches your home’s design and feel.

Visit our Central Texas show rooms in Austin and San Antonio today to experience the beauty and attention to detail of our custom playhouses.