With the myriad of options available from Rainbow Play Systems, it’s easy to dream up hundreds of ways for your children to play. But if your child is mobility impaired, shopping for playground equipment can easily seem like an unattainable dream. Here’s how one family was able to make their child’s dream come true with the help of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Rainbow Play Systems.

On a mild fall day in the Texas Hill Country, Central Texas Make-A-Wish Foundation representatives tied balloons and banners on a brand new custom Rainbow Play System. The owner of this new play system, 4-year-old Rory, was down for her nap as friends and family members began to gather on the family’s lawn for the unveiling of her new playground.

Rory’s friends and cousins patiently waited to climb and play on the new custom play system, insisting that she be the first child to enjoy the towering new swing set and play house.

When the Make-A-Wish Foundation approached HOMEFIELD – The Outdoor Living Store and Rainbow Play Systems of Texas about giving Rory a place to play our team worked with Rory’s parents and design specialist to develop a Rainbow Play System that the whole family to use together. A nervous system disorder experienced since birth has denied Rory the full use of her arms and legs.

After Rory woke from her nap, her father gathered the little girl in his arms and carried her outside to see her gift. A Rainbow Sunshine Clubhouse had been modified to include an accessible double Clubhouse ramp that can easily be traversed with a wheelchair. Her father carried his little girl up the ramp, beyond a 3-foot attached play deck to the very top of the 5-foot Clubhouse deck. Together they slid down the 10-foot slide while onlookers cheered.

Now that the play system had been christened, other children attending the celebration broke away from the crowd and ran to the play system, eager to join in on Rory’s fun.

Rory’s parents carried her to her very own custom safety swing that was set up next to two Rainbow sling swings. This allows Rory to enjoy swinging right alongside her friends.

As her mother pushed her in the swing, a huge smile appeared on Rory’s face and her eyes closed as she enjoyed the breeze on her face. Rory’s father took a seat on the swing next to Rory’s and kept time with the arc of her swing, holding her hand, swinging together in a harmonious back and forth.

Being able to ride on a swing set with your child is something many parents take for granted. But for parents of special needs children, the freedom of being able to play with your child is a priceless thing.

HOMEFIELD and Rainbow Play Systems specializes in customized outdoor living and play options, and we’re very thankful that the Make-A-Wish Foundation allowed us to be a part of making Rory’s wish come true.

If you would like to learn more about customized play systems, feel free to visit one of our showrooms today to schedule a yard evaluation.