While Rainbow Play Systems is renowned for its line of 100% California Redwood playsets, the company has expanded its offerings in 2016 with a line of cedar playsets.

Not all cedar is the same, and Rainbow carefully selects their cedar to meet their exacting standards. Rainbow believes in choosing lumber that is durable, machinable, and sustainable. And their new cedar playset line builds on the company’s history of using quality materials.

Rainbow Play Systems cedar lumber is a combination of three types of cedar: Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Pacific Cedar, and Western Red Cedar. All three of these types of lumber are part of the same scientific family, meaning they share a lot of the same qualities and characteristics.

Grown for Durability

Durability is top priority for play system lumber. Rainbow’s cedar can not only withstand wear and pressure, but it is strong and sturdy. Rainbow’s yellow and red cedar is forested in coastal areas. Its slow growth cycle ensures that the wood is tough and durable. The cedar harvested for Rainbow Play Systems is typically used for boat building. It offers strong dimensional stability and is naturally resistant to weather, insect infestation and rot.

Milled for a Smooth Finish

Choosing a lumber that is easy to machine is a huge benefit, both to Rainbow and to the consumer. Because the product is easy to cut to size, the finished lumber is smooth and contains fewer slivers than other lumber. Rainbow planes and routers every side and corner of their lumber so there are no dangerous pointed edges for children to encounter.

Naturally Strong

Rainbow only uses solid lumber for their larger dimension beams, and unlike other companies, Rainbow does not glue or laminate smaller dimensions to create larger beams. This ensures that beams are structurally sound, lay flat, stay straight, and hold fasteners tightly. Unlike other woods, Rainbow’s cedar line is naturally resistant to rot and insects and does not require any additional chemical treatment.

Environmentally Sustainable

Rainbow Play Systems cedar has a conservation status of “least concern,” meaning it is a sustainable product that uses approved mills and foresters that do not harm watershed or wildlife habitats, erode the soil, or over harvest an area.

Rainbow is proud to be using a renewable resource that will last for decades even in the harshest environments. The play systems showcased in Rainbow’s 2016 Cedar Swing Sets Catalog are backed with a Lifetime Warranty. Contact your local showroom today for a free catalog.