Mars is under attack! Backyard pilots, we need your help. Defend Mars from squadrons of alien spaceships in our new game Mars Defender. Collect shields to protect you. Gather energy pods to give your craft more power. Find power-up orbs that upgrade your lasers. This is one exciting game that will keep you active for hours!

How To Play

Mars Defender is now available on the tgoma game system. Jump to move your spacecraft. Fleets of alien craft are attacking Mars – your job is to defend it against attack. The alien craft get progressively harder to defeat as you progress through the levels. If you stay jumping in one spot the alien craft will shoot at you, so make sure to keep moving!

Tips & Tricks

  • Tip 1: Collect the red spinning orbs to upgrade your lasers.
  • Tip 2 : Protect yourself by recharging your shields by collecting the blue shields.
  • Tip 3: The green energy pods replenish your health, repowering your craft’s energy.

Mars Defender is now available and free to all tgoma users!

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