When you are choosing a backboard for your Goalsetter basketball hoop, the skill level of your players will largely determine which size of backboard is right for you.

Goalsetter basketball goals come in acrylic or glass and are available in the following sizes:

  • 36”  Goalsetter Junior Backboards
  • 48” Goalsetter Backboards
  • 54” Goalsetter Backboards
  • 60” Goalsetter Backboards
  • 72″ Goalsetter Regulation Backboards

No matter what size of our Goalsetter backboards you choose, your ball response will be a competition-grade quality – the kind of ball response you can expect from an indoor arena at the high school or college level. Goalsetter uses H-frame backboard technology to provide precise and consistent ball response. In addition, the H-frame delivers lifetime durability.

So what size Goalsetter backboards should you get?

For small children, consider a Junior 36″ basketball backboard. This “half-size” backboard  provides the same consistent ball response and durability as its big brothers, the 72” and 60”, but it is sized to fit the needs of a family with young players just learning the game. Junior systems are adjustable, but from three to five feet only. Later, as you child’s skills develop, they can advance to a larger basketball system.

Young families should also consider the 54″ backboard. Still smaller than a regulation backboard, 54″ backboard systems can help your children develop their basketball skills. However, unlike the Junior backboard, a 54″ backboard comes with a wide range of pole options, and is approved for commercial and institutional use as well.

For budget-minded shoppers, Goalsetter’s 48” backboard is an excellent way to add a basketball hoop to your family driveway.  It is for a family that plans to spend recreational time outdoors with their young children. This basketball goal offers a great set of features for all skill levels, including adjustable height from 6′ 8″ to 10′ and Goalsetter’s renowned consistent rebound.

If you’re looking for something that fall in between regulation size and kiddie size, Goalsetter’s best-selling 60″ backboard is their most popular choice for residential installations. It’s ideal for two-car driveways and is sized “just right.”

If you’re serious about basketball, nothing but regulation size will do. Former and current basketball players will appreciate Goalsetter’s 72″ basketball backboards that are the same size used in high school, college and NBA competition. This backboard works best in a dedicated court or large three-car garage.