Goalsetter is a top performer when it comes to residential and commercial basketball goals. Here are three things that Goalsetter does that makes them unique and helps them outperform the competition.

1. Goalsetter Uses a Hinged Ground Anchor System

Goalsetter is the only company that uses a ground anchor system. Their 42-inch all steel ground anchor provides better stability for your basketball goal.

Most companies use a four-piece J-bolt setup to attach your goal to the ground. These J-bolts typically only reach a depth of 18 to 24 inches. And during installation, you physically have to lift you
r pole above the J-bolt mount, an arduous and difficult process that usually requires climbing on ladders and scaffolding.

Goalsetter ground anchor system uses a hinge mechanism that allows you to install the pole without having to climb up on a ladder. Just attach the hinge bolt and simply push the pole into an upright position.

2. Only Goalsetter Has an Internal Jack

Goalsetter’s patented internal jack system allows your children to easily adjust the backboard height up and down. Rather than having the jack exposed to the elements and potential vandals, Goalsetter houses the jack inside the pole, for a clean exterior profile.

Most exterior jacks only raise and lower from 7.5 to 10 feet. However, Goalsetter’s internal jack can be adjusted as low as six feet. Plus, the removable handle keeps the system locked at any height you want.

3. Goalsetter Offset Poles Perform Better

Goalsetter’s offset pole serves multiple purposes. This design allows Goalsetter to internalize the jack system, protecting your ability to raise and lower the goal. An offset goal also lessens vibrations much better than a straight pole design, giving you a better overall performance during play.