Spring has sprung and summer vacation is just around the corner. If you’ve already started your annual spring cleaning, don’t forget to give your trampoline a little love too.

Follow these Spring cleaning tips to get your Springfree trampoline ready for summertime play:

  1. Sweep the mat free of any leaves, pollen or debris.
  2. Wash your Springfree trampoline mat with water and a light dish detergent like Dawn. Scrub lightly with a soft bristle brush. A power washer can be used on a low setting as well.
  3. If you took your FlexiNet down for winter, it’s time to set it up again.
  4. Check your FlexiNet for holes or fraying edges and seams.
  5. Make sure that your FlexiNet zipper is fully functional. If the zipper is functional, but temperamental, rub a bit of wax on the teeth of the zipper to reduce friction.
  6. Check that horizontal rods are in place within the sleeve of the FlexiNet.
  7. Do a quick check under the trampoline to look over the mat rod holders. Check for cracks or missing holders. Be on the lookout for flaking or cracked sleeves.
  8. Make sure your mat rods and net rods are secure in their rod pockets and holders.
  9. Check for any holes, fraying of stitching or sagging on the mat surface.
  10. Inspect the metal frame and legs for any rust or scratches.
  11. Look for any bent or broken metal on the frame.

If you notice any problems with your frame, mat or rods, contact Springfree Customer Care at 1-877-586-7723.