Shopping for a play system to install in your backyard is exciting, but it requires significant consideration. The purchase you are making will be used by your children for years to come. You wouldn’t want to buy a play system that your child will outgrow in three years. You want one that your children will continue to enjoy for over a decade, and to feel confident that your children and their friends will be completely safe on your play system. Safety and value should be your focus when you are exploring play system options. Rainbow Play Systems provide all of these things!

Have you ever gone to a friends house and observed children playing on a rickety-looking play system? Maybe you were pushing your child on the swing and you noticed the entire play system shook back and forth. Or another child was bouncing in the raised play fort and you worried the entire structure would fall down. You looked at the number of children playing and wondered if there was a weight limit. Or the three-year-old play system your kids were on looked like it wouldn’t survive another year of sun and snow. These are issues you don’t want to worry about with the play system that you select.

Although you could purchase an inexpensive play system from a chain store, the safety will be questionable and the value low. You may question the quality of the wood used in the inexpensive system and what kind of chemicals it may have been treated with. What country was it manufactured in? You don’t want your children exposed to a potentially harmful chemical. Also, it is likely that the inexpensive system will not adequately survive the weather over the years. The wood may start to rot long before your children have outgrown the play system you will be faced with replacing.

A Rainbow Play System will provide you the quality and safety you and your children deserve. Rainbow Play Systems are made from 100% natural Redwood which is decay resistant and known for durability. You can feel confident knowing that your children aren’t being exposed to harmful chemicals. Safety is a priority for Rainbow Play Systems which uses dual-bolt construction and commercial-grade hardware. Even the safety chains are dipped. Rainbow Play Systems offers a Lifetime Warranty which is extremely unusual in the play system business, and indicates the Rainbow’s confidence in their product quality. Rainbow Play Systems manufactures in the U.S.A., supporting the American economy.

It can be difficult to tell the safety and quality of a play system from online research, so bring your child to a Rainbow Play System Showroom, where you can see the quality and safety a Rainbow Play System provides. Your kids actually playing and enjoying themselves will be the real test!

With industry leading brands such as Rainbow Play Systems, Goalsetter Basketball Systems and Springfree Trampoline we certainly have . Our dedication to quality and safety is unparalleled and our range of products and service is unrivaled. For those that appreciate the value of investing in the spirit of fun, there is no better choice than RPS of Texas.  Come visit one of our six  showrooms,convenient to San Antonio,Austin, South Texas,Corpus Christi and Texas Hill Country!