Make believe. Mr. Roger’s understood its importance and made it the focal point of his children’s show. In today’s video game age, however, children are not getting the same opportunity that their parents had to engage in this freeform style of play. Children’s play houses are a great way to encourage children to take part in make-believe or imaginative play, allowing them to reap the child development benefits.

What Is Make Believe?

This may seem like a no brainer, but defining what constitutes as make-believe play is more complicated than you may think. This high level of play is described by child psychologists as “mature make-believe play” and involves the child creating different roles, using props and developing story lines as they create their own fantasy world.

This form of play is important for child development because it allows the child to develop symbolic thinking skills at a higher level than when watching television. These symbolic thinking skills play a vital role in the development of self-regulation or executive function. In short, make believe helps children develop their social skills and explore behavioral boundaries in a safe environment.

How Do Children’s Playhouses Help?
Brown Cabin Child's Play House

Children’s playhouses act like a blank canvas on which your child can start developing their make believe scenarios. They can play house, school or market—role playing in a variety of settings and situations—whatever their imagination can come up with. A play house provides them with a starting point and structural foundation that they can build on.

What Are the Long-term Benefits of Children’s Play Houses?

Research shows that preschoolers who spend more time in imaginative make-believe play tend to develop faster more in intellectually. They are able to concentrate for longer periods of time and strengthens the memory.

The social training they receive during make believe play also gives them better social competency and logical reasoning skills. Children who engage in make believe at a young age also grow to have stronger creativity skills and better literacy skills.

While a play house may seem like a nice way to treat your children to a space of their own, the real benefit is the long-term results in improved intellect and social skills your child receives.

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