Goalsetter – MVP Signature Series


Goalsetter – MVP Signature Series

Goalsetter Basketball


Backboard Size 72" Regulation Size
Backboard Dimensions 72" Wide x 42" High x 3/8" Thick
Backboard Materials Fully-Tempered Glass Backboard (Acrylic also available)
Product Height Adjustable from 6' to 10'
Height Adjustment Mechanism Patented Internal Compression Height Adjustment Mechanism
Pole Design 6" Square Off-Set Pole
Safe Play Area 4' Extension from Post to Backboard

To play like a pro, train like a pro. The MVP in-ground basketball system features a regulation-size basketball hoop with 72″ x 42″ tempered glass backboard and Goalsetter’s original off-set pole design with 4′ overhang which provides plenty of room to move under the goal. The MVP’s off-set pole is 6″ x 6″ square, with 7-gauge structural steel walls, ensuring stability and solid performance. The Goalsetter MVP is simply the best in-ground basketball hoop available.

Goalsetter’s patented internal compression height adjustment mechanism is inside the goal pole, increasing safety and shielding parts from the elements. The 3-foot high, easy-to-reach crank handle can be replaced with a pin lock to prevent changing the basketball goal height.

The exclusive hinged ground-anchor system enables complete assembly of your basketball goal by 2-3 persons without ladders or a scaffold prior to raising it upright. A 42″ square steel anchor placed in the ground provides unmatched stability and durability.

  • 72" Regulation size tempered glass backboard
  • No dead spots on backboard corners
  • 1-1/2" structural steel H-Frame — extra backboard stability and consistent ball response
  • Nylon bushings at each pivot point
  • 1/4" thick steel bushings for rim mounting
  • Rim height adjustable from 6' to 10'
  • 6" square off-set pole
  • One-piece structural steel post
  • 7 gauge steel (3/16" wall thickness) on poles
  • Wide grip, die-formed extension arms — no cut and welded joints

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