King Kong Clubhouse II Feature

KKCL II 44a - 2

King Kong Clubhouse II Feature


Product No. NB-303
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Our King Kong Clubhouse playset is absolutely the Biggest Clubhouse in America! We have incorporated a built in multi-level climbing system to allow even the youngest climbers a safe journey to the top. With a tall deck at 7′ 2″ & 5 ‘6″, comes an even taller swing beam, 10.5’ high. Even the Safety Scoop Slide is at 14’ long. Double the trouble with dual slides, upper level cabins, or the ginormous King Kong playset Penthouse. It features endless customizable possibilities with its modular and fully expandable design. If your family has both little kids and big kids – the King Kong Clubhouse rules!

  • 2 - 27 sq ft play decks
  • Deck Heights 7' 2" & 5' 6"
  • 14' Scoop Slide
  • 3 position 10' tall swing beam
  • 7' 2" tall Rock Wall
  • Picnic Table & Sandbox

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